Friday, April 2, 2010

Recycled Newspaper Baskets


Today in preparation for Easter on Sunday we weaved our very own baskets! I think this was a little over my 5 year old's head. Although he would check in on the basket's progress now and again to snip some paper and give a nod of approval it is probably more a project for children 8 years old and older.

We were inspired by this tutorial, however we made some modifications. For the project you will need: newspaper, scotch tape, duct tape, stapler, school glue and scissors.


The night before we weaved our baskets I prepared the newspaper into folded rolls. The folded rolls should be about 3/4in thick and you will need roughly 9 short folded rolls (approx 2ft. long), which will make up the ribs of the basket and a couple longer folded rolls (approx 4ft. long). I doubled up a couple of the shorter ones to make the longer strips. I then glued these strips and let them dry over night.


Start with your shorter newspaper rolls. Begin by weaving 4 strips together.


Keep on weaving till you have used all of the short strips. This woven surface will make the floor of your basket.


Start to shape the basket by folding the lose ends of the strips upward. Once you have folded each side you can then then weave the long strips through the 'ribs'. To keep my forming basket from unraveling I stapled one end of my horizontal strips on to one of the vertical strips (see above far left).


Keep on weaving and with a little patience a basket will begin to materialize. When the strip you are weaving runs out simply lengthen it by stapling another strip to the end.


When you are finished weaving, fold the ends over and staple or tape them.


Trim off any extra paper.


We added a strip of neon orange duct tape along the rim of our basket for extra durability and to keep the staples from poking out. We also added a handle made of duct tape for more efficient Easter egg gathering. Ribbon would also be beautiful, but we thought duct tape is just a more bit bad-ass.


Happy Merry Easter!

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ruby said...

This is such a cool idea, thanks for sharing, my boys will love to do this tomorrow x

Amanda said...

Those are badass indeed! And as I am influenced by the heat, and pregnancy I feel like I can tell you that the first time I read the list I read "newspaper, ...scotch... duct tape..."

Thanks for sharing!

Thomas Hollingworth said...

Ha! Well if need to enhance the project scotch can be also be added!

5orangepotatoes said...

Oh this basket is WONDERFUL!!!! And I love that your son did it!