Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nests + Eggs


Here are some spring projects we have been working on.

Nest building through collage. Like birds we scavenged for twigs, paper, leaves and other bits and bobs to build a nest.


We glued our materials on to watercolor paper (any heavy weight paper will do), and built up as many layers as we could, bearing in mind we didn't want our eggs to fall through! And here are the results:

Mateo's nest
Mateo's nest
my nest
my nest

We had built our nests and so we needed to make some eggs.


We painted a few wooden eggs (bought from the craft store for $1 each) with metallic acrylic paint.

Painted eggs and a nest we found
Painted eggs and a nest we found

Mateo is excited about his eggs! They're going on the nature table.

Collecting eggs from our chickens
Our daily ritual: Collecting eggs from our chickens

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I need some metallic paint! Love all of the projects and love that boy of yours too!

softearthart said...

Just beautiful, collecting eggs is a cool thing to do. cheers Marie

Linda said...

Such wonderful crafting!

Amanda said...

Love this! I need to get my house unpacked, then I am going to concentrate on fully embracing Easter art. Its about time right?