Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer days in England


Tucked away in the North East of England, far from the chaos of our bus, we are settling in well to a routine of effortless, breezy days, fresh linens and soft green lawns. The newness of this environment has been invigorating and Mateo is bubbling over with excitement and enthusiasm. We have been keeping busy with projects and many, many field trips. Yesterday we where out in the countryside (Scarcliff in Derbyshire) having a dinner at the house of some family friend. After an early alfresco dinner I spotted a field of wheat and all at once with complete abandonment Mateo and I ran!



We ran far and were overcome with a powerful sense of freedom.


We found magical horses...



Made grass angels...


Played music...


and walked back very hot and very happy! We were like the two bright-red poppies wild in the wheat field. I will cherish this day with my little boy always.

More to come...

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