Sunday, November 7, 2010

A fortnight in pictures + Halloween and Guy Fawkes

Mateo in one of many Halloween costumes we made that he decided weren't cool enough.
We've been a bit busy lately making robot costumes so in lieu of last week's update that we missed, here's a special, festive fortnight in pictures. Do you even say fortnight in the US? Incase you don't it's English for two weeks!

On Halloween morning, a large pupae we found in the field across the street hatched into an elegant moth.

Later in the evening the kids underwent some metamorphosis of their own in preparation for our evening bike ride to a nearby affluent neighborhood.

One of many OTT spook fests on view.

Harper waiting impatiently to be ridden home after trick or treating wore thin.

Triamphunt, and carrying a glut of candy the kids will never see, we rode home as recklessly as Sam would allow.

The next morning I caught my first mouse. Having sold things out of our landlady's house to make our rent, we now have to do random chores. Gruesome pest control is sadly a high priority.

Decomposing pumpkins on the edge of the compost pile.

November 5th is Guy Fawkes night. Traditionally a night of toffee apples, fireworks and associated physical disfigurements of reckless minors. Sam decided to attempt homemade marshmellows. Mateo here is upset because we wont let him eat boiling maple syrup.

The process was involved, tiring, and ultimately a complete failure.

But at least Mateo got to lick the whisk.

As the Sun went down I ceremoniously lit the fire using the waste product from my centrifuge.

Thankfully Mateo was dilligently on standby.

As we hadn't had time to make an effergy we decided instead to draw and burn pictures of people we knew. First on the fire, Rick Scott!

We woke up the next morning to find that a peacock from our old neighborhood had decided to paid us a visit. 
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wonderchris said...

There is ultimately too much coolness to comment on everything.

First, your son is difficult to please - that robot costume is BADASS!!!

Second, that moth is HUGE!

Third, FIREWORKS rule!

Fourth, my attempt at homemade marshmallows was a grand failure...but the whisks were delicious.

Fifth, Yes, fire, fire (quoting Beavis)

Sixth, Awesome post!!

Amanda said...

I love her impatient look! Oh those eyes.

Great fire, looks like a terrific Guy Fawkes night!